IMPACT is a place to share ideas and offer support.

It is a powerful way for Principals of Integrated Schools to record and share the areas that they feel their school has made some impact with, and would be willing to share that journey with others.

The more it is used and updated, the better the resource it becomes.

  • School A has made improvements in History provision but need help with digital marketing.
  • School B has made great inroads with play based learning but struggle with consistency in numeracy provision
  • School C are developing an innovative rewards programme but need help with Play based learning
  • School D have developed a Facebook marketing campaign but need help with middle leadership development
  • School E have been awarded a mastery in maths recognition but have an underdeveloped rewards programme.
  • School F have developed a leadership development programme but need support in The World Around us delivery.

IMPACT. It just makes sense.